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She is a Miracle Worker – I was directing a musical and my leading lady was having vocal problems. I was afraid she would lose her voice before opening night. I brought her to Diana who immediately knew what was wrong and was quickly able to help my singer change it. She came to the show with a great voice, but after a couple of lessons with Diana her voice improved dramatically! The entire cast noticed the difference.” - Becky Henrikson

“I knew I was in vocal trouble, and thought there was something physically wrong with my voice. I am so grateful I was able to work with Diana, she saved my life and my voice. It was amazing!- Dacia Gray

“I had a Bachelor’s Degree in Voice Performance, but I was very confused and my voice was not working well. It didn’t take long to realize I had found the Master Teacher. She didn’t just teach me the song, Diana taught me how to sing. I am now working on my Master’s degree. She is the best kept secret around!!- Kirstan Thomas

“In the last few years I had almost given up singing. My voice would consistently become gravelly and sound tired after only a few minutes. Then I found Diana. Her method of teaching has helped me to learn to sing with the proper technique to overcome this issue. Now, after only a few months of lessons, my voice has become much stronger and clearer. I know that as I continue studying with her this struggle will become a thing of the past. Thanks Diana for all of your help!” - Joseph Erickson

“You cannot know how much it has meant to take lessons from Diana. So many dreams are put on hold, I am so fortunate to take my “5 year old self ” off the shelf and give her a voice.” - Mary Lamb

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“Freeing the Natural Voice”
Teaching and Coaching Studio

Welcome to the Voice Studio of Diana Walker Neve. My commitment is to provide outstanding vocal instructions!

“Do you want to excel with your singing, and then prepare for explore the possibilities of a professional career as a singing artist?”

“Or are you choosing to take voice lessons simply for your own personal enjoyment and satisfaction?”

“Have You taken lessons before and were unsatisfied with the results and/or has it been a long time since you took lessons and you really want to get back to singing again?”

“Have your son or daughter been advised that they have talent and ability that should be developed, and/or have they expressed a desire to take singing lessons?”

Whatever your reasons for coming to the studio, I believe learning to sing freely and easily with your natural voice will provide great joy and a sense of accomplishment as you make discoveries about yourself and voice.

Welcoming Students of all levels for:
  • Private Voice Lessons
  • Introductory Voice Class
  • Master Classes in Performances Technique and Interpretation Skills

Diana Walker has a great depth and breadth of experience as a professional Singing Artist, and can help a student open doors to begin a career when they are ready.

As the youngest contestant, Diana Walker was awarded second prize in the International American Music Competition at Carnegie Hall, signaling the arrival of an important young artist. On that occasion the New York Times wrote: “Miss Walker had the most impressive voice—a strong beautiful soprano with a gleaming accuracy everywhere in its range”

Diana has had an extensive career performing in operas, in musical theatre, in films, television productions, soap operas, and her voice has been on several movie soundtracks. Her solo and joint releases of her CD’s were all best sellers.

In additional to a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees with honors from the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music, she also did her Doctorate work at the world famous Juilliard School in New York City. More importantly however, she has trained and performed with some of the greatest singers, conductors and vocal coaches in the music world.

“She is a voice of wisdom and experience for all of us.” – JoAnn Ottley

“No matter what she sings, it is a Work of Art.” – Deanna Stuckey (Temple City Star)

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